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There has recently been an article about the power-unlimited gameplay event. I said that it was too busy at the Halo 2 booth.

It was. We fought for the badges required to enter. In fact, Stupidity stood there for four (4!) hours waiting for one. In the end, bugless got a second one and gave it to him.
Bugless is quite a charismatic person, and he can do this face that really makes you feel sorry for him. The fact that he got two tickets and stupidity none really shows how bad it was. If you could get their sympathy, you could get the badges. Otherwise, no one seemed to care.

The badges themselves are really cool. They have a Halo 2 picture on the front, and say "I played Halo 2 long before you". The back says "you have been recruited to play Halo 2 on Xbox. Acces code : xxxx”. My Access code is, for example 0032. I'd put up a picture, but my scanner is broken.

Halo 2 itself was awesome. It feels like a natural extension of yourself (at least after having played halo for a number of years). The boosting ruled, the dual wielding ruled, and the level ruled.

It's exactly like Jason Jones said : "Halo 2 is a lot like Halo, only it's Halo on fire, going 130 miles per hour through a hospital zone, being chased by helicopters and ninjas, and the ninjas are all on fire, too."

When stupidity did play, he managed a running riot with his plasma sword and rocket launcher.

One of the commenters on the article said that because of the large number of people, he hadn't played Halo 2. Later that person said “total waste of a good 12 Euro“. Having played Halo 2, it wasn't.

After having played Halo 2, we were too tired to wait in line for Fable, and everything else seemed boring. We ate some really expensive fries, played some weird ps2 game, climbed with the marines, and found a halo (1) demo to launch warthogs on.

The only other thing that promised to be interesting was some BIG screen halo (1) playing. They had a guy that was 'almost unbeatable'. They had 3 other people that thought they could beat him. Granted, the screen sucked, but so did they. The practically unbeatable guy got beaten, and the next wave of player sucked also. It sucked.

We wandered round a little more, then left early. Halo 2 had basically been all there was to see.

This is a pretty good FAQ about Halo 2. It does seem to treat things that arn't confermed yet as absolutely true, but maybe it's just that I haven't seen the confirmations :-)

this is a thread about what's happening in the beta, but I'm not so sure about the accuracy of this either. Notice for instance that the pistol isn't mentioned, while it is in the beta.